MatchMove helps online businesses increase revenue, user engagement and loyalty through the strategic use of our sophisticated games, social networking and site gamification platform. Our customers use the secure, customisable, cloud-based MatchMove solution to rapidly develop and deploy their own branded games and apps store with full-featured social networking, monetisation and e-commerce options. Often in less than 2 weeks.

With our proprietary and patent-pending AppKungFu™ technologies, standard web sites are being converted – sometimes in just a few hours – to a full Web 2.0 experience using our wide range of APIs and ready-made widgets for social, games and e-commerce transactions. On the Web, smartphone or WAP feature phone, Android or iOS tablet and even over IPTV.

Increasingly, our major customers are also using the MatchMove platform to replace internal e-mail with AppKungFu™ powered social networking, business process gamification and enterprise widgets to increase productivity across the enterprise.

Headquartered in Singapore with offices across Asia and the US, MatchMove is the exclusive digital entertainment and social enterprise solution provider for many global brands and telecom, media and entertainment companies that, today, have a combined base of more than 250 million users.