Customized Sites, Games & Apps

The tough part about getting games and apps onto your own platform is always the integration. Without a full technical team, good support, proper documentation and the right APIs, this task becomes a painfully long process.

Fortunately, our patent-pending AppKungfu© technologies help you solve all that and more.

AppKungfu© is your very own developer network. Our simple interface, APIs and functions allow developers to easily and quickly integrate their work onto your website. Start getting games and apps created exclusively for your platform!

That’s not all though. The powerful set of APIs found on AppKungfu© can accomplish more than that. It allows the many social features on our platform to be integrated straight onto your domain. Plug and play only what you need! Whether it’s a user profile page, commenting feature, gifts, achievements or location based services, customize your site the way you want with the AppKungfu© API set.

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