As a cool app or game developer, it is you that will determine the future of online entertainment. Whether you are developing for mobile or PC, it is your creativity, passion, determination and a little – or maybe large – dose of wackiness that could easily produce the next big craze. Launching birds at pigs, firing peas at zombies, matching jewels, creating new adventures and fantasy worlds, transforming and augmenting reality, telling stories, teaching ABC’s, connecting people and building fun communities. Whether you are an individual, small team or growing studio, you already know that the future for apps and games is just enormous. And still the future depends on you: just how fast can you design and code your idea? And exactly where and how will you choose to unleash your creation?

The MatchMove gaming platform and API allows for easy development and testing, while allowing cross-play between mobile, PC and also IPTV/set-top-box. It also provides your games exposure to millions of users every month, in local languages in the fastest growing economies.

We all know how tough it can be for developers to enter these markets but with our help, you can!

One to Fit Them All!

Apart from being backed by massive exposure through our channel parternships with leading local brands, you also get the backing of MatchMove’s in-country payment system to easily pay for your intellectual property.

The Easiest Way To Integrate Your Apps!

Build your game on our network and grow with the local untapped markets. Then, when you are ready, go global, confidently knowing the transition will be smoother because you have already built on a universally understood open API.

For established studios, you will find that our API’s, associated developer support and ongoing marketing commitments are more than adequate for you to feel comfortable about committing valuable technical and GM resource to launching on MatchMove. We are happy to talk about exclusive country-level launches, local language translation, in-game advertising contracts and campaign management. Ask us about our licensing terms for proven titles.

Already a number of titles built for other social networks or mobile only have made their way to MatchMove.

Don’t wait. Join them today.

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