Gamification is the “new hotness” of trends sweeping social media and marketing strategies. The process of Gamification is increasing engagement and improving “fun factor” through adding game-like features to regular applications. While it has gained a new level of prominence through popular internet sites like Foursquare, the concepts have been in use since the early days of frequent flyer programs. Adding game mechanics like achievements, badges, avatars, virtual currency rewards and points, feedback loops, leaderboards and other user to user interaction has become an established and effective means of increasing the stickiness and excitement of applications and sites.

How does Gamification work? How can it help me?

Gamification is all about aligning user behaviors with your business goals.

Business goals can be anything from downloads, registrations, purchases or even a simple comment on your news article. By making these things fun for your user, Gamification ensures that users fall in love with performing the actions that you want.

Plug and Play Gamification Enabled Widgets

Enable Gamification on your website with our simple-to-use widgets. Choose from over 20 games and social features that can be further gamified to drive business needs. Set your site up for gamification in less than 30 minutes!

Intelligent Progress Tracking and Leaderboard System

Let users see their own progress as they rush to exceed your business goals in a crazy race to the top of our customized leaderboards. Marvel at the results as you see revenue, registrations, time-on-site and other key performance indicators double or even triple!

Smart Rewards To Drive Engagement

A full suite of customized and branded achievements to reward your top users and give them their deserved bragging rights! Build brand loyalty and reward users when they perform actions that are in line with your needs.

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