Fast-rising technology company, MatchMove, has entered into a partnership with East Africa’s leading telecommunications company, Djibouti Telecom.

Known to have the best and most reliable Internet connection in East Africa, international carrier Djibouti Telecom commands the strongest presence in the region. Providing landline, mobile and Internet service, it is growing to become a strong regional hub delivering a complete portfolio of voice, data/IP and capacity services over state-of-art network infrastructure.

“We’re honoured that an established company and big player like Djibouti Telecom gave us this amazing opportunity to work with them. This is a tough new market to enter and we couldn’t have asked for a more established and reputed partner,” said Nate Wang, VP of Marketing.

Kassim Mahdi Ahmed, value-added service department, further added “MatchMove’s gamification and social platform is flexible and customizable, not to mention secure. We’ve searched all over the world for a solution like this. Coupled with the award-winning AppKungFu API set, I believe that we have a winner here to help Djibouti accomplish its mission of providing our customers with tightly packed product offerings and high quality services.”

Under this partnership, Djibouti Telecom will have its very own gaming and social networking site which is co-branded with MatchMove, as well as a mobile platform for its smart phone users. These platforms will be available to users in three languages, namely English, Arabic and French. Djibouti Telecom now looks set to pull ahead in the games and social networking space in East Africa with this new partnership.

“We’re positive that this partnership will be the start of much more international collaboration outside the Southeast Asia region for MatchMove,” added Nelly Jimron, VP of Business Development. This marks yet another significant milestone for MatchMove as the collaboration sees the 3-year-old global games provider enter the East Africa market.