Web 2.0. Social Networks. Games.

As the internet moves rapidly towards Web 2.0 architecture, it is no longer enough to have just a simple online presence.

Visitors need to be engaged.

Users need to keep returning.

Social networks need to be forged.

We help you solve all 3 problems quickly and securely with just one solution – the MatchMove on demand, pay-as-you use platform.

Our dedicated team is all about helping you find the most complete Social Networking package to bring your online presence to the next level. We focus on developing the most engaging platform with cutting-edge technology to help you keep pace and catch up to the fast moving online world.

How do we do it?


MatchMove helps new-age businesses with the immensely painstaking task of developing their own social networking platform. With constant research and data analysis, MatchMove’s main objective is delivering to you the most powerful and effective platform available.

Ever wanted your own site avatars? Create customized branded gifts? Have full access to your social networking fan-page’s user data? Now you can.

More than 140 unique social features are readily available to help you create your very own social networking website. With an additional mobile platform and location based services, we help businesses build branding anytime, anywhere.


“Content is king.” And content doesn’t get much better than a full suite of the highest quality games around. Games have proven to be the most engaging form of content on the internet today, with a constantly growing industry worth billions. MatchMove sources for the highest quality games to boost your site’s content, giving you access to hundreds of games from the biggest game developers today.

Running interactive, games-based, branding events has never been this easy.

MatchMove partners also gain access to our dedicated developer platform to help you easily integrate e-books, music, entertainment and other apps onto your social networking site.

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Business Leverage

Yahoo. Genting Inc. Kompas. Okezone. Starhub. Netlink. Manny Pacquiao.

Get in together with some of the most recognizable names in Asia and the world.

Become a MatchMove client and get exclusive access to our network of partners. Collaborate with some of the biggest names on earth and boost your business in ways you never thought possible.

Let us do the tedious parts for you. So you can concentrate on what’s most important: Your Business.

Excited yet?

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