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Attention all MatchMovers! MatchMove is getting an upgrade! The MatchMove site will have a new look and feel, and we hope it will help to give all of you a better gaming experience.
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Get your latest game and friend updates, right from your Home screen the moment you’re logged in! Now, you can even embed links, pictures and YouTube videos in your status updates. So post whatever’s on your mind now!
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Now you’ll be able to share with your friends the awesomeness that is MatchMove, right as you log in! Import your friends from Facebook and Yahoo!, and you’ll be able to connect with them as you play on MatchMove!
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Are you a popular person? Do you have a worthy cause for others to support? Create a page, and recruit MatchMovers across the region as fans!
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Get a more relevant newsfeed as we move towards a more inclusive platform. Join the networks that best suit your lifestyle (i.e. High School, Work, Country) and help to make MatchMove a part of your everyday life!
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Besides looking cool, achievements are rewards for goals completed within the MatchMove site. Go to the achievements page and complete the described task to earn Mcoins and unlock a badge within your profile, viewable by other users. View the achievements you can unlock [HERE](/achievements)!
[![Gifts](https://dsor5wahmliea.cloudfront.net/site-assets/mmg-gifts_400x250.jpg "GIfts")](/gifts)

Mcoins are the free currency that MatchMove is introducing, and will serve to reward our users for their continual support. One of the uses of Mcoins will be to buy gifts and send them to other users. This will help brighten up someone else’s day too, so try it, it’s free! View the gifts you can send [HERE](/gifts)! The improved chat system is now on all pages, and will make for greater interaction between all our users. Try it out – you can open it at the bottom right of every page!
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The news page is now much cooler, with news to suit every tastebud! Entertainment news, Latest game releases, Tech updates, there’s something for everyone. Check it out [HERE](/news)! These are just some of the features that we’ve introduced onto the platform. You’re gonna need to navigate through it to discover more exciting stuff! Have fun!