Unknown to many, the Android Marketplace has more free apps for download than Apple’s App Store. Out of that huge number, there are many top-notch multiplayer games. Here’s a list of our favourite Android games, spanning from MMORPGs to casual games. 1. Pocket Legends
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-1.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
This MMORPG was listed by Mashable as one of the top 5 groundbreaking Mobile Games in 2010. It certainly deserves it. This game features surprisingly complex character customization and an addictive gameplay. Wander the land completing quests with your fellow players never seemed so fun. 2. Parallel Kingdom
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-2.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
Parallel Kingdom uses Augmented Reality to overlay a fantasy game onto your actual location. Using Google Maps, your real-life location becomes the terrain for the fantasy game. Suddenly your neighbourhood became a lot more exciting. 3. Raging Thunder
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-3.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
Who would believe that a racing game could be played on a handphone without lagging? Strange and exciting times we live in. Raging Thunder allows you to race with up to three other people. Gameplay is smooth with few lags for an overall enjoyable racing experience. 4. iMobster
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-4.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
Start as a petty thief and rise in the ranks to become the Mafia Don of New York City. This game requires strategy to recruit others and manage your mob to become the most feared. 5. Cestos
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-5.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
Imagine a game of marbles, except it’s on your phone and with people all around the world. You can chat with other players and unlock in-game goodies, such as marble customization. 6. ProjectINF
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-6.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
This MMORPG is similar to the once-popular Ragnarok Online. It plays in real time and allows up to 24 players per game. Other features include customizable stats, multiple maps and game modes, and several character types. 7. 4 Player Reactor
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-7.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
4 Player Reactor allows up to four players to play together on one device. It is a fast-paced competition of wits and reflexes, where the fastest fingers win. This app has up to 20 exciting individual game modes. 8. Words with Friends
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-8.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
Know knew that Scrabble could be so addictive? This game allows you to challenge you friends by searching for their usernames. You can also choose to play with random opponents assigned by the game system. 9. Guerilla Bob
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-9.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
This award-winning first-person shooter was a hit on the iOS and is now available on the Android Marketplace. This game features sharp, witty humour alongside an arsenal of cool weapons – best enjoyed with friends. 10. Dungeon Defenders
![Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games](http://site-assets2.s3.amazonaws.com/site-assets/article-top-10-android-games-10.jpg "Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games")
Take on a hero class and battle invaders with other players in this beautiful MMORPG. Dungeon Defenders showcases graphics powered by Unreal, the makers of the World of Warcraft franchise. As expected the visuals are top-notch, catching an incredible amount of detail for a mobile phone game.
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