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MatchMove’s solution for Salary Disbursement


Optimize and Reduce payroll distribution costs via MatchMove proprietary Digital wallet solution. Introduce the MatchMove Digital wallet. A wallet for spending, and effectively acts a bank account as part of the company’s new paperless pay (e-pay) initiative.

What does our client do?

One of our clients is a leading company providing evolutionary technology to make salary processing a delight for employers as well as for employees. Our client offers a digital settlement solution that are difficult to fraud eliminating the worry of money laundering within the payroll amount, and the need for troublesome checks and helps remittance companies.

How do they work?

Creating a bank account, managing, and tracking a salary expense for blue collared employees was cumbersome and time consuming for management, and accounting teams for most organizations. There was a need for qualified partners to provide them with a digital e-wallet solution that paves the way for company’s scalability and growth. They needed a partner who could meet the requirements and share their strategy, culture, and core values.

How does MatchMove help in solving that problem?

MatchMove helps businesses increase revenue through seamlessly integrated payments platform without friction or fraud. We provide state of the art platform you need to impeccably facilitate payments for your consumers (payers and merchantsbuyers and sellers, etc.). The MatchMove proprietary Banking Wallet OS, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution is a proprietary cloud-based solution that provides, any company the ability to operate their own secure mobile wallet and issue secure payment cards to their consumers. The wallet supports major networks like MasterCard, Visa, RUPAY etc.

MatchMove Digital E-wallet solution was the perfect match to our clients’ requirement. We provided them with a state-of-the-art product that seamlessly integrated into our client's salary disbursement system.

  1. All employees of the corporate were provided with a physical card powered by MatchMove and a new wallet which acts as an account.
  2. Virtual Accounts were created on a per user wallet basis.
  3. This number served as one of the multiple routes to load money to the user.
  4. Salary/Reimbursements/Incentives can be transferred by the employer directly to the employee’s account.

Value Delivered

MatchMove’s solution provided them the ability to face business challenges confidently and realize ROI that starts within a few months and grows continually. 

Your Digital E-wallet partner

MatchMove helps businesses modernize their payroll operations. We engage at a high-touch level with our clientele and deliver precisely what we promise: cost-cutting technology and competent program management to meet modern demands.

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