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Learning Sessions

Knowledge enrichment and capability development as beacons to navigate turbulent times

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought on challenging times across all sections of society in the world at large. While in tech savvy companies, it's "Business As Usual" with employees working remotely from home, this period has forced every organisation and every employee into a new work reality! Working From Home(WFH) has drawn widespread reaction though mostly positive! One of the very visible positive impacts of the current situation has been that it has provided people as well as organisations a rare opportunity to touch their core, reflect and plan  ahead with sharper clarity and vigour.

We, at MatchMove, have also taken a similar journey and utilised this opportunity to prioritise and realign on what is important for us as an organisation.  We have developed tactical plans to drive these priorities.

Our people remain at the core of everything we do and we acknowledge that the single biggest driver of business impact is the strength of our learning culture. In fact as per the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), “A culture is that which supports an open mindset, an independent quest for knowledge, and shared learning that is directed toward the mission and goals of the organization." It is from this learning culture that the two other dimensions of our organisation culture -  collaboration and performance, flourish.

In a virtual world, the Learning & Development function is uniquely positioned to add value. Over the last few months, the MatchMove Learning & Development team has not only accelerated efforts towards continuous development across board but also nurtured intellectual curiosity amongst the staff with greater intent and involvement. One key initiative, very much embraced and welcomed by all staff, is a series of learning lessons ranging from Fintech ecosystem, industry landscape & direction, MatchMove's vision, products and offerings to life & organisation skills derived from book reading sessions. These 100% virtual sessions are attended by employees across countries and weave all of us on a common thread that we value as an organisation.  While all the information shared in these sessions is available to employees through various existing channels and platforms; it is the receiving of this knowledge 'live' that improves assimilation, appreciation of others' work and enhanced collaboration & innovation. On a lighter though significant note, this practise has honed our ability to ask questions. The fact that all topics and presenters are volunteered and initiated by employees adds to the enthusiasm of one and all.

Here's what some of our employees have to say:

Mayank B. : Recently we started learning sessions within the organization. In a fast paced startup like us sometime it becomes difficult to have everyone's opinion and feedback on the product being developed or initiatives being taken. Our weekly session ensured all of us not only become well aware of various technological and path breaking advances across the organization but also enabled everyone to give valuable feedback and share their experiences. Besides these sessions also ensured that employees remain connected and constructively engaged with organization and with each other in current testing times.

Francis : The learning sessions were very informative and actually timely. It provides a wholistic presentation of our products - business and technical. From these sessions, I was able to use the knowledge gained in discussions with the client. Also, it gives opportunity to improve on presentation skills for our internal team.

Vinita N : An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." In MatchMove, we follow tacit and explicit knowledge sharing practices which is greatly improving the teams ability to provide better solutions. This is improving the turn around time and quality of providing solutions. This also improves morale of employees and enhances our motivation level as we all know knowledge is power.

Saranya V. :  These learning sessions are very helpful to understand MatchMove's core system and other general topics also. it helps to get more real time idea on specific topics like prefunding and settlement which we are using in our daily work. Great Initiative !! Thanks!!!

Nayan D. : It's really very useful for everyone as it helps one understand the systems better. Also since the presenters first thoroughly discuss the topic internally, it clears all doubts/confusion that never came to light earlier.  It ensures everyone in the team is on the same page.

Zainab : Well, the learning sessions are really good. Quick yet informative. When we’re all engaged with work and stuff, we barely get time to take a deep plunge on these topics hence this is probably the best time to get to know our tools, intellectual property and people as well.