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MatchMove Bangalore Moves Into A Swanky New Office

As we come to the final months of 2019, we would like to thank all our esteemed clientele and partners for the business and support they have provided in making MatchMove a renowned entity in the fin-tech arena. Some of you may already know that we’ve been growing rapidly over the last year and now have over 70 team members. All this meant that we have quickly outgrown our Bangalore office.

Not only did we need a larger working space for 70 team members, but we also wanted sufficient room to grow and expand. The space we designed is also flexible and has ample space to hold all hands on discussions with live video streaming across all our geographically located offices. Before we began exploring for a new office space, we realized that we wanted to have everyone on the same floor. Our old office had limited space, therefore some of our teams were finding it difficult to effectively work in coordination. More explicitly, we wanted to foster brainstorming within teams as well as collaborations between departments. Therefore, each team now has a specified area equipped with every requisite for their smooth functioning. For team specific meetings, we designed meeting rooms of numerous sizes that can host anywhere between 2 to 15 people.

The new office of course is not all about work, we’ve also created lounge areas, a game area, and brought in a few nap pods for those who need a quick recharge.

If you like what you see and want to join a team that’s equally hardworking, fun and collaborative, take a look at our jobs board and apply directly

Official pictures of our new office

The Entrance

The waiting area

The heart of our operations

The Cafeteria and Lounge area

We have a mix of large meeting rooms for formal presentations and small meeting rooms for team meetings. Since our team members across our office locations communicate on a daily basis, we have also invested in fancy video hardware to ensure that every room can be used for live video communication. Each room is also equipped with a whiteboard wall to help foster ideas and team problem solving.

We hope you have enjoyed the photo tour of our new office. MatchMove team is growing rapidly, so we are always looking for smart self-driven individuals to join our growing team. If you’re interested, please apply directly on our jobs board