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White Label: The Coup

In the meadow of Software development business you will find different clients with different industries. Every client has different demands and expectations to solve their problems. It is tough to sketch peculiar drive for your clients. Clients business’ growth is ultimately fasten the growth of your business , Hence it is very much essential to look after clients different needs , solution of their problem as well as their budget. For this you need a software tool which not only makes this task easier for you but also efficiently able to save time and cost of your client. Software tool should be providing 24-carat quick fix and concede numerous customers to re-brand it as they made it exclusively, and WHITE LABEL is the ultimate solution which can avoid the process of reinventing the wheel.

White label is a product or service that is purchased by a re-seller who re-brands the product or service to accord the effect that the new owner created it. White label products are often produced via mass production. In simple words it is the process of buying and branding a product or service and reselling it under buyers brand name.

White label products are any products that are manufactured by one company and sold by another company that puts its own brand and model number on the product. For example, a majority of Dell computer displays are manufactured by other companies, but have the Dell brand along with Dell's model number. White label manufacturing is frequently used in popular electronic goods produced in higher quantities, such as TVs and DVD players. Several organizations also have a sub-brand for their products. For instance, the exact same DVD player model is distributed by Dixons under the brand name Saisho and by Currys under the brand name Matsui, which are brand names solely used by those particular companies.
White label is not a new term, it is widely known in the techno-sphere as well as in the products like electronics and consumer goods. White label software has its own advantages:

Cost Efficient:
Most important reason behind developing such software is saving money. As we have earlier stated that it is important to provide a solution to clients within its limitations of budget. White label software gained popularity specifically for its cost efficiency.

The primary benefit of building your own product (which is often mentioned) is that customers are not confronted with a name / logo of an external party. When it comes down to it, the customer is doing business with your company and that is whom they trust– if they suddenly end up in a software system with a completely different branding from your own, that is not good for the customer  experience.

Immediate Shoot:
The tailor-made software gained its popularity for its significance of quick launch. With the help of this, client can start business immediately. This saves time , money and resource power. Building software products requires a lot of knowledge and patience. You need to invest a lot of time to come up with the product. When you go for white label software you get a product which is ready to be used and so you can focus more of your energy towards promotion and marketing to close deals fast.

Help Clients to scale the business:
Clients can easily expand their business by focusing on their core principles and white labelling the rest of the work. In such a way, they can grow their business without worrying about hiring resources.

MVVM Architecture
MVVM is one of the architectural patterns which enhances separation of concerns, it allows separating the user interface logic from the business logic. Along with white label app config we can make use of MVVM pattern and android product flavors for white labelling to have complete customization options. Keeping white labelled features logic within main module which can be shared across multiple flavors.

The following diagram shows MVVM components and basic interactions.

There is no doubt that white label software is revolutionary tool but, everything has its cons too and white label is not an exception. There are few disadvantages like Misunderstanding ,Delayed Products ,inconsistent Branding, Difficult to Modify etc.

To be concluded It is a fact that while labeling is a best choice to grow your business. For developers it is easy to come up with products and services for the clients in short interval of time through white labeling. It is a better and quick way to make revenue and grow business all the while offering client satisfaction.