2018 Singapore Mobile Wallet Platform Leadership Award

A next-generation solution to increase business throughput while significantly reducing costs.

Our Latest Award

Frost & Sullivan recognized MatchMove’s Banking Wallet OSTM with the 2018 Singapore Mobile Wallet Platform Growth Excellence Leadership Award. Our Wallet OS is the next-generation solution to increase business throughput while significantly reducing costs by putting a Bank into any App. Read More

Awards & Recognitions

The Business of Moving Money

MatchMove is democratizing essential financial services by using advanced cloud and mobile technologies. 

We are building a world-class fintech platform to enable fast, secure and regulated money-moving experiences for the end-users of our clients and partners. 

We provide a scalable, business-friendly platform-as-a-service with intelligent tools and data – so everyone has the ability to create amazing products to address the challenges of moving digital money securely.

We manage the technical infrastructure – including the full-suite of APIs, SDKs and apps that connect consumers, financial institutions, and developers – so our clients can get started with minimal additional investment.  

We bring the end-to-end business architecture – including key partnerships with regulators, card networks and financial institutions, along with all backend processing and regulatory compliance and reporting required to manage financial products – so our clients need to focus only on servicing their customers.  

We continuously release advanced tools, technologies and services – so our clients can readily introduce new products and features into their markets faster and faster.

And we are always working on the next generation of our platform – so our clients remain at the leading edge of their industries. 

The MatchMove Culture

We value diversity of thought leading to real innovation.  

We value constructive communication leading to real teamwork. 

We value contributions leading to real results. 

We value dedication leading to real customer success.   


In return, we offer a performance–based working culture in which you will always be learning and developing your skills and experiences, whatever your age or background.

And the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the fintech industry creating award-winning products and services and fuelling the growth of our clients and their customer communities.