Corporate Expense Management - MatchMove


Reduce your corporate expenses by more than 30%

Reduce time, effort and overheads of manual cash processing. Bring efficiency to your business by digitizing corporate expense management.


The Problem

Disbursing payouts to employees and vendors through cash and cheque is expensive and inefficient. Manual processing requires more time and resources, and leads to higher risks of misuse and theft.

The Solution

Corporates use MatchMove to digitize salaries, incentives and expense payouts to employees and vendors. Digitization helps them save time and resources, and reduce operational costs.

Product Benefits

Faster and efficient way to manage salary, incentives and expense payouts

Multipurpose Corporate Cards help to digitize and manage disbursement across categories: from payroll cards to travel cards, all within one wallet.

Provide a better user experience

Digital wallets and open loop cards provide frictionless payment solution.

Analyze and monitor employee spend patterns

Real-time analytics of employee’s spend patterns helps corporates track and manage expenses better.

Make more money

Corporates earn money every time employees spend using their corporate expense card.

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