USE CASE – Gift Cards

Grow your gift card business by providing open loop gifting solutions

Give your customers gifting solutions that work anywhere and anytime. Grow your gifting business rapidly by providing a better user experience.

The Problem

Close loop gift cards are accepted on limited merchant sites. Customers don’t prefer this solution as their choices become limited. This impacts the overall growth of your gifting business.

The Solution

Gift Card companies use MatchMove to scale their business by providing their customers, a better user experience through open loop gifting solutions. The open loop gift cards can be used anywhere, anytime both online and offline.

Product Benefits

Enables businesses to launch gift cards instantly

An out-of-the-box solution that enables gift card companies to launch open loop gifting products within minutes of signing the contract.

Provide a better user experience

Digital wallets and open loop cards provide a frictionless payment solution.

Put customer spend insights to work

Improve risk scoring by drawing inputs from customer spend analytics.

Make more money

Monetize your customer base in new ways. Every time your customers spend, send or borrow, you can make money on every transaction.

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