USE CASE – Lending

Scale your lending
business rapidly

Digitize and automate disbursements with the next generation wallet plus prepaid card. A faster more efficient way for lenders to disburse loans digitally.


The Problem

Disbursing loans through cash and cheque is expensive, inefficient and insecure. Manual processing requires more time and resources, and leads to higher risks of misuse and theft. In addition, lenders have zero visibility of customers spends, making risk scoring and loan recovery challenging.

The Solution

Lending businesses use MatchMove to automate disbursement and provide customers faster, safer and easier access to capital. This saves the company time and money, enabling them to grow and scale rapidly.

In addition, MatchMove provides lending businesses with valuable analytics on customer spend and send patterns, usage and transaction level details, helping them with risk scoring and loan recovery.

Product Benefits

A fast and efficient way for lenders to disburse loans digitally

Ease your lending process by digitizing disbursements through secure digital wallets.

Provide a better user experience

Digital wallets and open loop cards provide frictionless payment solution.

Put customer spend insights to work

Improve risk scoring by drawing inputs from customer spend analytics.

Make more money

Monetize your customer base in new ways. Every time your customers spend, send or borrow, you can make money on every transaction.

Design custom lending solutions

Allow expenditure on only pre-approved categories. Design custom lending solutions for your customers.

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