Scale your money transfer business rapidly

Fast and efficient way for Digital Money Transfer (DMT) businesses to enable real time digital cash transfer through e-wallets and prepaid cards.


The Problem

South and East Asia have large cash-based economies. And migrant populations that need to send money back home to their families which often don’t have a bank account. Manual processing of these transactions requires time and resources and can lead to potential misuse.

The Solution

MatchMove provides your customers with a safer, easier and faster way to send money to their families and friends. Digitization through e-wallets and prepaid cards saves time and effort and helps eliminate misuse. DMT companies can scale their business rapidly with all the onboarding – AML/eKYC –  and transaction monitoring checks built inside the platform.

Product Benefits

A fast and efficient way to move cash

DMT companies use MatchMove to scale their business by providing their customers faster, safer and easier way to move cash.

Provide a better user experience

Digital wallets and open loop cards provide a frictionless payment solution.

Know your customers better

Real time analytics of customers’ spend and send patterns enables DMT companies to offer more personalized services.

Make more money

MatchMove enables you to monetize your customer base in new ways. Every time your customers spend, send or borrow, you can make money on every transaction.

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