Multi Pocket Cards

Create Multi Pocket Cards for your Users. Tap on this unique feature, where the cards are not limited to specific stores as compared to cash vouchers but by merchant type. Set limits based on the category of expenditure such as Restaurants, Medical, Transport, Air Travel and more. This creates many uses, from meal cards to employee benefits and incentives.

Virtual & Physical Cards

Fully functional mobile interface for issuing virtual prepaid cards to anyone who does not own credit cards or online banking facilities to be able to do online shopping.

In addition to virtual cards, plastic prepaid cards can also be offered to users as a value-added service to drive retention. Close-loop cards like gift cards can also be generated using the MatchMoveWallet OS™.

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Dynamic Security Code

Our Dynamic Security Code (CSC/CVC/CVV) feature allows users to generate a new code for each transaction, thus adding more security for their online shopping.

Dynamic CVC