The OS for Digital CashTM

Launch your own mobile wallet in just a matter of weeks with MatchMove Wallet OS™.

The MatchMove Wallet OS is cloud-based so no additional IT investment is required.

Give your users better mobile and digital features for moving money. Give them access to a growing partner ecosystem and generate more revenue for your business.

And you get your own customer information with full reports and detailed analytics dashboards.

Because it’s all about moving money securely, the Wallet OS comes with full regulatory and compliance controls and reporting from MatchMove and is always supported by a leading licensed partner in your country. So you don’t have to deal with banks, regulators, back end reporting and reconciliation or cash management.

We take care of all that.

Put a “A Bank in Your App” without any hassles.

You get all the control.

Our full-suite of APIs cover a wide range of features that can be easily plugged into your own system or mobile app. Our end-to-end solution does not require any additional support from your technical team. No need to build from scratch, just plug-and-play with quick and easy integration.

End to End Solution

You get a one-stop full-service solution with PCI DSS compliance with fully-customisable options and admin interface.

Extensive list of services: P2P Transfer, Remittance, Top-Up channels, Payment Cards, Loyalty Points and Rewards, Credit/Lending, Promotions & Offers and many more.

Multi Pocket Cards

Create Multi Pocket Cards for your Users. Tap on this unique feature, where the cards are not limited to specific stores but by merchant type. Set limits for your users, employees or even their family members based on the category of expenditure such as Restaurants, Medical, Transport, Air Travel and more. The use cases are limitless, from meal cards to employee benefits and incentives to many more.

Virtual and Physical Cards with your Brand

Fully functional mobile interface for issuing virtual prepaid cards to anyone who does not own credit cards or online banking facilities to be able to do online shopping.

In addition to virtual cards, plastic prepaid cards can also be offered to users as a value-added service to drive retention. Close-loop cards like gift cards can also be generated using the MatchMoveWallet OS™.

Key Features

Interoperable, open loop solution

The open loop prepaid card makes the digital wallets interoperable. Customers can use MatchMove to pay, send, lend or withdraw money anywhere, anytime

Comprehensive Security

You can define your daily payment and withdrawal limits, instantly block your lost card, reset ATM PIN, and enable or disable payments.

Dynamic Security Code

Our Dynamic Security Code (CSC/CVC/CVV) feature allows users to generate a new code for each transaction, thus adding more security for their online shopping.

Easy Top-up

Multiple easy fund loading options available, including both online payment gateways and offline top-up options

Instant push notifications

Your customers get instant push notification after any type of account activity, ensuring better control and protection of their account

QR Code Payments

Open, Scan, Confirm and Pay–enable your customers to make convenient, secure payments by simply scanning a QR code.


If you want to integrate our solution into an existing app, we have made that simple too.

The MatchMove APIs are made by developers for developers, so that with a few lines of code, you can implement the solution easily