Scale rapidly with
MatchMove Lightspeed TM

Meet MatchMove Lightspeed – a powerful, out-of-the-box solution, that is designed to scale and grow your business from the get-go.

MatchMove Lightspeed enables you to launch your own branded payments platform within minutes.

Sign up for a demo account. It is quick, easy and comes with a pre-loaded trial budget!

It is all about time-to-market

Matchmove Lightspeed enables you to build your own customized white-label app on the go. Launch your virtual card instantly and get your branded physical cards within 3 business days.

Beautiful end user experience

Give your users a simple and secure payment experience across Android, iOS and Web. Set your colour, upload your logo, choose from the opt-in features, and you are ready to launch your branded wallet app within minutes.

Easy to implement, use and scale

MatchMove Lightspeed saves you months of manual effort so that you can spend the time growing your business.

From fully automated fund management to reconciliation and settlement, the self-service dashboard allows you to manage all aspects of your payment operations effortlessly.

Provide a better agent experience

Provide your front line agents with the best tools to run their day to day operations efficiently.

From bulk user creation to instant card issuance and activation, help them service their customers faster and better.

Key Features

Interoperable, open loop solution

The open loop prepaid card makes the digital wallets interoperable. Customers can use MatchMove to pay, send, lend or withdraw money anywhere, anytime.

Comprehensive Security

You can define your daily payment and withdrawal limits, instantly block your lost card, reset ATM PIN, and enable or disable payments.

Multi-pouch wallets

Easy to configure multi-pouch wallets allow users to define spend limits within each merchant category. Helps in managing expenses efficiently.

Easy Top-up

Multiple easy fund loading options available, including both online payment gateways and offline top-up options.

Instant push notifications

Your customers get instant push notification after any type of account activity, ensuring better control and protection of their account.

QR Code Payments

Open, Scan, Confirm and Pay–enable your customers to make convenient, secure payments by simply scanning a QR code.

Customizable Integrations

If you want to integrate our solution into an existing app, we have made that simple too. The MatchMove APIs are made by developers for developers, with a few lines of code, you can implement the solution easily.