Calling all startups

Put full-featured payment features inside your app!


Instantly Issue a Virtual Mastercard

  • Open-Loop Payment Card: You can instantly issue open-loop payment cards from a major card network provider, such as MasterCard or Rupay, to all your users.
  • Non-Customisable Design: You can have the option of listing the name of your startup on the line item of the cards you issue. Startups looking to launch a co-branded card with company logo will have to apply for the enterprise program instead.

Launch a Wallet with Value Added Features

  • Load/Reload: Accept and manage payments from your users
  • Peer-to-Peer: Your users can instantly transfer money from one wallet to another – It’s fast, secure and convenient. You can take it one step further by building a closed-loop payment ecosystem between your users and merchants; eliminate cash-on-delivery by offering the option of wallet-to-wallet transfer upon delivery.
  • Debit/Credit: Bill your user on a subscription or a once-off basis, provide disbursements or expense management features to your staff, allow your merchants to be cash-in top up channels for your prepaid wallet – the possibilities are endless.

Account Management

  • Keep your users updated with their mobile wallet balance, card balance and transaction details securely on any platform.

As low as

*Terms and conditions apply


Your company must be less than 3 years old

Looking to launch your solution in Singapore, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and/or Indonesia

You want to take your company to the next level by incorporating payments


Before You Apply

  1. Learn more about the MatchMove Startup Fast Program here.
  2. Ensure that you are eligible for the program.
  3. Download the MatchMove Startup Fast Program Application Form
  4. Fill in the application form and prepare the following documents for online submission when you apply below:
    • Certificate of Incorporation/Business Registration Certificate (Compulsory)
    • Share Register (or equivalent official documents to identify the shareholding structure and ultimate beneficial owners)(Compulsory)
  5. You may submit the rest of these documents at application stage or later on, prior to go-live of your solution
    • National Identity Card/Passport/Proof of Identity of Company Directors/Authorised Signatories/Shareholders/Beneficial Owners (Compulsory)
    • License (if applicable)
    • Financial Projection and User Base Projection for the next 2 years (Compulsory)
    • Use Case Writeup/Diagrams for MatchMove’s Solution (Compulsory)
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association (if we require)
    • Bank Statement with Company’s Name and Registered Address (if we require)
    • Financial statements for previous 2 fiscal years (if we require)
  1. Qualification Period
    • We will begin our qualification process internally. We will get back to you within 3 working days on your application outcome provided that the documents are received in full.
  2. Shortlisted Applicants
    • If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted by our Startup Fast Program team with:
      • Sandbox Application Form
      • Startup Fast Program commercials
  3. Sandbox Access Terms & Conditions
    • The sandbox access will be granted for 2 weeks. During this period, you may experiment with MatchMove’s APIs.After 2 weeks, or earlier at your decision, MatchMove will provide you with:
      • Agreement
      • Standard Base Specifications

      Agreement must be signed within 5 working days.

  1. Payment
    • Upon signing of agreement, you will be invoiced our monthly infrastructure fee. Payment must be made within 5 working days.
  2. Kickoff Meeting
    • You will jump on a 30 minutes call with our Solutions Architect to discuss the mockups and use case with MatchMove APIs.
  3. Infrastructure Setup
    • Your startup’s database will be set up
  1. UAT
    • During UAT, you will be able to create records for testing purposes.Once UAT is completed, you may request for a live developer key.
  2. Technical Support
    • Technical support is available via User Voice for a maximum of 1 hour a week, for a maximum of 4 weeks. Any additional technical integration support will be available at a cost of $80/hour.

Once you get the live developer key, you may change the consumer key.

Your wallet solution is now ready to go live!